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An Introduction to Electronic Cigarettes: E-cigarettes are still relatively new in people’s conscienceness, are treated with distain by those in the tobacco business and are greated with confusion by many… However there are many benefits to ‘smoking’ them over traditional cigatettes, they:
  •    Can be smoked anywhere.
  •    Cause no cosmetic damage to skin or teeth.
  •    Have no ash, tar, tobacco or smell
  •    Look and tastes like real cigarettes
  •    Save you 75% in cost
  •    Are 100% more healthy than traditional cigs.
Electronic Cigarettes are a battery powered appliance that look, feel and taste like traditional cigarettes and still contain nicotine to satisfy that craving but contain non of the thousands of horrible toxins that are found in traditional cigarettes.

Here at Electronic Cigarette Advisor we aim to provide all the info you need about Electronic Cigarettes and also impartial advice on the the best brands in the market place. We do not sell Electronic Cigarettes so you can be sure our opinions are independent & genuine.

There are many different terms used to describe the electronic cigarette – electric cigarette, smokeless cigarette, esmoke, electronic cig, fake cigarettes to name but a few, they are great quit smoking aids and a healthy way to enjoy a cigarette.

They come in various different forms like mini cigarettes, pen like cigarettes and versions that look just like traditional cigarettes. Esmokes come in all different flavours and also different colors too – the choice really is endless for the consumer.

There are a whole load of electric cigarette brands on the market at the moment, many of which we review here at Electronic Cigarette Advisor. To name a few there are; Gamucci, iSmoke, Smoke Anywhere, Smoking Everywhere, Fifty-One (smoke 51), Jazz, Eagle, blu, Red Dragon, Envy, Crown 7, Janty, Life, Elite, Cloud Nine, Freedom, Dura, Eaze and Super Smoker… So as you can see the consumer is really not short of choice! If you have any questions about any of these (or indeed any other electric cigarette brands please do feel free to contact us at any time.

We also have detailed information on how smokeless cigarettes can help you quit smoking, the benefits of smoking electronic cigs above normal cigarettes and also all the info you need to understand exactly how electronic cigarettes actually work.

 We are especially good at recommending Australian e-cigarette users on the latest developments on the electronic cigarette laws in Australia and additionally Canada, where interest in e cigarettes is rising every day…

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