Why do people find it so difficult to stop smoking?

It is a well established fact that most people who  try to stop smoking fail.  Those who do mange to quit for a time often return to traditional cigarettes, particularly in times of stress.

Smokers will usually try lots of different ways to help them quit.  For some the first port of call is their family doctor and if they are really lucky their doctor’s practice may have a clinic to help those who want, or need to for health reasons, to stop smoking.

However, many people will have denied smoking when they see their family doctor, so will, along with the majority of smokers, try some of the most commonly used methods of quitting.  These will include nicotine patches, nicotine gum, hypnosis, meditation and even pure will-power.  Although there are success stories associated with these methods, the failure rate is well known and depressing.

One of the main reasons for failure is that none of these methods can replicate the sensation and pleasure people get from smoking.  It is not only the addiction to nicotine that makes it so difficult it is also the feeling of holding a cigarette and the hand to mouth experience and the need to feel as though they are ‘puffing’ on a cigarette.

The obvious conclusion is that electronic cigarettes may be the most effective way for smokers to completely free themselves from tobacco cigarettes.  They look and feel like the real thing, the user can inhale a substance that can contain nicotine and exhale a vapour that looks like smoke but is actually a completely harmless water vapour.  The tip lights up by way of LED so that it also looks authentic.

The e-cigarette has got the tobacco industry worried and with good cause, so when is it going to be completely recognised as the most effective way for people to stop smoking?