Electronic Cigarettes in Australia:
Australia’s a leader in electronic cigarette branding and sales; however, Australian laws have made it somewhat difficult for international manufacturers to target local residents. As a result, there are few brands of e-cigarettes that Australians are able to buy.

Our Recommended Electronic Cigarette for Australians:
We recommended Elusion e-cigarettes for our readers. While they are one of the few brands legal to buy in the country, they also provide users with a safe and reliable e-smoking experience.

A starter kit costs just $140 (AUD) and refills are about $10. Many users have expressed their satisfaction with the product, recommending it to their friends and family. Read our full review of Elusion here.

Legality Surrounding Electronic Cigarettes in Australia:
Across Australia, all forms of nicotine are considered ‘poison’. So, it is only possible to buy e-cigarettes that do not contain any nicotine. However, in Victoria, the Therapeutic Goods Administration stated that no laws in existence make it illegal for Australians to buy e-cigarettes from websites.

Currently, the law states that e-cigarettes such as Elusion are fine to be imported into the country. According to Australian Science, the government is working on short-term therapeutic tests to determine how safe certain brands of electronic cigarettes are. Some short term trials have shown that electronic cigarette users remained abstinent up to six months after their use while other state that participants relapsed. Researchers are still examining their long term effects.