New Zealand

Electronic Cigarettes in New Zealand:
New Zealand is an important market for e-cigarette manufacturers. However, the ┬ácountry’s laws have made it quite difficult for consumers to purchases the devices. It is only recently that courts have ruled that adults may be able to purchase e-cigarettes as they would any other type of traditional cigarette.

Our Recommended Electronic Cigarette for New Zealand Residents:
We recommend Elusion to our readers from New Zealand. As it stands, it is one of the only brands available to readers from the country. The are very affordable, with starter packs costing under $100 and refills less than $10.

New Zealanders have also praised the product. Many users have stated that it has helped them quit smoking and reduce their nicotine intake. It is highly recommended by its users. Read our full review of Elusion here.

Legality surrounding Electronic Cigarettes in New Zealand:
According to End Smoking NZ, an organization dedicated to promoting safe alternatives to smoking, the sale of safer nicotine products should be a priority for the local government. The organization argues that e-cigarettes are a recreational nicotine-based alternative to smoking, so manufacturers need not obtain medical licenses in order to sell their products. End Smoking NZ states that manufacturers should simply refrain from claiming therapeutic users, in order to obtain the right to sell their products in the country.